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Connections Valiant


Connections Valiant is a social club organized by Neurovaliant with support of Pacific Autism Family Network to come make new friends, enjoy gaming, playing trading cards and have pizza in a safe and friendly place for those with neurodiversity and for other diverse needs ages 15 and over, to feel welcomed and accepted. 

This social club runs every 3rd Thursday of every month at the Pacific Autism Family Network's Richmond Hub (3688 Cessna Drive, Richmond, BC) from 5-8:30pm.


There are pre-set up consoles for players who do not have a gaming device or laptop available for usage and we have designated areas for those who brought devices to interact with likeminded other individuals if they so choose to. We also offer a section for those wanting to play trading cards as well.

(As of November 2023, we provide PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch console gameplay on the big screens in auditorium).

There is a donation request of $5.00, but it is completely optional if you cannot contribute to the program at any time.


Pizza will be served courtesy of Fresh Slice Pizza for our guests to enjoy while gaming!


For more information or questions, contact the Pacific Autism Family Network's front desk at 604-207-1980 email for more info.


Look forward to seeing you at Valiant, gamers and card players!

Neurovaliant acknowledges and appreciates the staff at Pacific Autism Family Network for the use of their facility

for Connections Valiant to run.

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